Friday, 10 July 2015

The Cafetière Exercise Plan for the exercise-averse

I have no interest in sport, and I'm not that keen on exercise. I've managed to be reasonably fit at various times (by my not very exacting standards), but with long periods in between when I've not been exactly in peak condition. Over the years, I've tried various things, all of which have been reasonably effective, as long as they were kept up, but I guess there's the rub.

I've used gyms before, but there were times when  I'd go to the gym after a long day at work, have a sit down and a coffee, get sidetracked to the steam bath and sauna, and then lose the will and go home. What with driving there and back, it was all rather time consuming even when I did get to do some exercise.

For a while I did my exercise at home, using a video programme called Fit Yummy Mummy which my wife had obtained. It was high intensity stuff, with short sessions lasting about 20 mins. It's very good, and I'd recommend to anyone, irrespective of gender. No driving to and from the gym, and you can slump into the sofa straight afterwards and watch the telly.

Something like bad cold is all it takes for me to break the exercise habit. I dropped out after one such spell, followed by a long period of no exercise, declining fitness, and shrinking trousers. I probably ought to get back to Fit Yummy Mummy in a while, but for now, I have I developed a system which works for me that does not require any will power or moral fibre to maintain.

The Cafetière Exercise Plan:

Upper body workout
  1. Wake up in the morning and eventually get out of bed.
  2. Make a pot of coffee using a cafetière. Pour in hot water (93C, if you have a suitable kettle, off the boil otherwise). Leave to steep.
  3. Do as many press-ups as possible.
  4. Depress plunger of cafetière. Drink coffee. Have breakfast, shower etc.
Lower body workout
  1. Walk to work (about 5 km /3 miles for me: takes about 45 mins). Most effective if left almost a bit too late so you have to walk briskly. This is the norm if you are an arch-procrastinator.
  2. Walk home in the evening.

I'd probably get fitter faster if I did something more intensive, but the point is that prior to this I was doing nothing. It might not be the most effective regime, but it seems to be sustainable so far, can often be modifed and maintained on holiday, and it does seem to work. If I'm feeling energetic, I might do chin-ups as well (I have one of those foldable bars that hooks over the door frame). I could cycle as an alternative, but my bike needs fixing and I haven't got round to it.
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