Thursday, 6 August 2015

Inspired by The Whitechapel Open

Inspired by The London Open 2015, I've posted a couple my own videos.

Last Saturday, I visited The London Open 2015 at the Whitechapel Gallery, a triennial open show, to which any artist over the age of 26, living and working in London, can apply to submit work for exhibition. There was a range of extremely varied work by 48 different artists in a whole range of different media.

I liked everything I saw but a couple of things stood out.

It's All Good Fun by Ben Woodson consisted of two enormous panes of glass, held together by a rope with a simple knot, and suspended from the ceiling, turning gently from side to side. How did he do it? How safe was it? Might it all slide off and shatter on the floor? Might one try it at home? On reflection, no thanks.

AMPERSANDS [Fairbourne a& Margate a&), an installation by Sarah Roberts, was an arresting assemblage of objects, illuminated by gently changing lights meant to evoke a sense of the seaside. It had been incorrectly labelled "AMBERSANDS", which reminded me of Amber Sands, my uncle's memoir of his childhood growing up by the sea in Singapore. Did that make a difference to me? Perhaps.

There was lots more, all good, and all very different. Apart from the visual enjoyment, you get to see the world in a different light.

I was prompted to post two short videos of my own in this blog. I hope you like them.


Borough Market

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