Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Clever, but ultimately pointless, for us anyway.

Have you seen this gadget? We discovered it some time ago, and we had been using it for years. It's used for washing dishes, and it's called a Dishmatic

It seemed like a neat idea at the time. Washing up liquid is poured into the handle. The sponge clips on to the bottom. There are holes in the plastic plate between the handle and the sponge, so that when you squeeze the sponge, the washing-up liquid flows into it. You can get a range of sponge heads, with different degrees of abrasiveness.

We realised, after more years than we care to confess, that it would be simpler just to use a normal sponge, and squeeze the washing up liquid onto it. In fact, I often did not even fill the handle up with washing up liquid, being too idle, and ended up squeezing the stuff directly onto the sponge.

It's made from recycled materials, which is nice. It's touted as an environmentally friendly alternative to using a dishwasher, which seems disingenuous, since that applies to all methods of washing by hand.

It's actually quite clever, but for all the effort that goes into producing it, and all the extra resources that are consumed in doing so, it seems ultimately a rather pointless and wasteful way of going about things.

Some reviewers liked it because they found that they didn't have to dip their hands in soapy water, but we always wear gloves when washing dishes.

Now we just use normal sponges.

We find them just as effective, and much simpler.

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