Monday, 21 November 2016

Flying to Venice? Try not to be posh.

We are now in Venice, having flown from London City Airport last Saturday. This small airport, which caters mainly to business travellers, is much more pleasant and more relaxed than the larger ones. For us it's easier to get to as well, and I think we'll try to use it in future if we can.

We were fortunate to be able to get seats on the starboard side of the aircraft. The flight path from London to Venice is such that you get a wonderful view of Venice from the starboard windows, while the port side windows mostly face away from the city and towards the Adriatic.

On the way out of London City Airport, you also get fantastic views of the Thames and its estuary.

It was foggy and raining as we flew in to Venice, and the city was somewhat obscured, but this served to emphasise the size of the lagoon. We could also appreciate how shallow it was, as it seemed like we could see the bottom of it.

And what about the term "posh"?

Well, it originated from the days of the British Empire, when the best cabins on ships going between England and India were on the port side going to India, and on the starboard side when sailing from India to Britain. These would be cooler as the sun shone in from the south. Hence Port Out, Starboad Home, P.O.S.H.  Nowadays, if you are flying to Venice form London, it should be Starboard Out, Port Home (not P.O.S.H.).

And just to clarify, for those who don't know the terminology, starboard is the right hand side when facing the front of the vehicle, and port is the left. There's a mnemonic for tha t: "A little red port left in the bottle". Red refers to the lights on th side of a ship. Red for port, green for starboard. Got that?
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