Sunday, 6 November 2016

Induction works fine with woks

I've always assumed that to heat a wok properly you need one of those big triple gas rings. This sort of thing:

However we have a good quality induction hob and I though it did the job pretty well, getting the wok up to a high temperature rapidly.

As it happens, my circumstances have been such that I have personally never done much cooking with a wok on one of those big gas stoves, but I was thinking of getting one as part of our house refurbishment.

However, my mother, who is a very good cook, and who does have lots of experience cooking with a wok on a gas stove has been to visit. She was surprised at how well the induction setup worked, and how hot the wok got. In fact, she is now thinking of replacing her ageing gas burner with an induction hob. That's good to know, and I won't bother with gas either, since I prefer induction for everything else as well.

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